Bus Garage

Sometime in 2014 this building - the newest on King St (and home to the Laugharne Pottery until 2011) - will be demolished. It was built on land owned by Browns Hotel by returning WW2 war hero, Tom Ebsworth. When competitor, Ebie Williams - who owned Pioneer buses - bought Browns in the 1950s Ebsworth's buses moved to Clifton St. Browns was then decorated inside and out to match Pioneer's livery: blue and cream. Locals recall buses parked on King St pumping out diesel fumes whilst engines warmed up, but more fondly remember the hourly service from 8 until midnight to Carmarthen. In 1977 Bryn Woodworth, a Pioneer bus driver from Laugharne, tragically lost his life in Pendine when his bus lost control on a steep hill and crashed into the sea wall. His heroism meant all but one of the passengers survived.

A Pioneer bus c. 1973

Bryn Woodworth's Memorial

Passing Browns Hotel

Inside the bus garage

The old petrol pump

Laugharne Pottery machinery

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