The Chapel

Whilst the sign outside claims it is a church, this place of worship is known locally as, 'the chapel'. Built in the early 1890s after its Congregationalist denomination outgrew Cliff Chapel (see Cliff Cemetery), it was built on a site of ancient dwellings known as The Barracks. The chapel is still in use today and is the home of the Corran Singers who practice there every Thursday. A key venue for the Laugharne Weekend, Patti Smith, Mark Watson and Robin Hitchcock have performed there, as has ex-Pogue James Fearnley who surely holds the record for the most relentless non-Biblical language ever uttered in a church after he read extracts from his colourful memoir, Here Comes Everybody. Incidentally (as if this stuff wasn't incidental enough), only in Laugharne would the keys to a church be kept on a Guinness branded fob.

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