Farmer's Arms

The Farmers closed in 1966 when Miss Annie 'Pink' Jeremy retired aged 78. She died in 1971 and, like most Laugharneys, is buried across the road in St Martin's. Annie said of Dylan Thomas, 'He only drank beer. He rarely spoke and was always respectful.'. Whatever their ages, the bachelor farmers who frequented her tiny pub were her 'boys'. She used to write tabs in chalk on beer barrels behind the bar; not the smartest of business moves as regulars sometimes amended the figures in her absence. On other occasions dray men removed the barrels before the debt was paid. One local remembers drinking Green Shield beer whilst underage, '...she had a Tilley lamp heating the bar area and someone turned it off and then on again so everyone would vacate the bar because of the fumes! Those were the days!!'

July 1955

Annie Pink's gravestone

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