Fern Hill

Fern Hill was built in 1835 on Bucking Hill. Laugharne has many ancient place names including The Knuck, Cockshilly, Rebecca's Pond and The Shambles. Every three years on Spring bank holiday (the next is May 26th 2014) Laugharneys 'beat the bounds' during the Common Walk - a distance of nearly 30 miles. At 'hoisting places' people are asked the location's name. If they don't know they are turned upside down and 'beaten' with sticks on their backsides! Deadman's Lane, outside Fern Hill, was named after the bloodshed that occurred during the Civil War. It was once the home of a Mrs Peel, who worked with the sick and the ill; she was a regal figure who became known as 'The Queen Of Laugharne.' Whilst it shares its title with one of Dylan Thomas' most famous poems, his subject was Fern Hill near Llangain, across the estuary.

Dylan's Fern Hill today

Dylan at Fern Hill



'Fern Hill'


by Dylan Thomas


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