Green Dragon

In 1805 Mr E. Donovan wrote that Laugharne is, '...seldom visited by strangers - it lies in no direct road to anywhere of any consequence and is crowded with pretty ale houses.' One of the best loved was the Green Dragon, which closed in the late 1970s; a small friendly pub which served Buckleys Ale. Landlady Glenys Pearce was once challenged by a policeman for serving after hours. She retorted, 'I used to change your nappy when you were young!' The drinks carried on flowing. On hot sunny days the trees outside would be full of garrulous young men quaffing in the branches. Next door is Dragon House, in whose garden the Llareggub Players performed Under Milk Wood in 1958 with T. James Jones as first voice - he later translated the play into Welsh. During the after show party the sad news came through that Dylan's mother, Florrie, had died.

1960s Sunshine & Beers

T. James (Jim) Jones in Browns Hotel, Dec 2013

The 1958 programme

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