Jubilee Square

Raven House and the B.R. Thomas' Emporium are buildings that are vaguely remembered only by the oldest Laugharneys. They stood opposite the castle gate at Jubilee Square (named to commemorate George V) but were cleared in the late 1950s to widen the road. Raven House was an imposing Georgian house (and latterly the police station) whilst B.R. Thomas was Laugharne's premier department store: china, ironmongery, clothing etc. was sold over two floors, plus building materials from Raven Hall. Mr Thomas lived at Upton House and was a classic Victorian gentleman with a top hat and cane. We can bemoan the loss of these fine buildings, but to facilitate their 1860s construction a c.1110s hunting lodge - purportedly used by the Black Prince - was demolished. This historic site is now a car park.



An Emporium China Swan, early 1920s

An early Drying Machine, with B.R.Thomas branding

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