Long Lanes

5 byways meet here: the continuation of Victoria St., with Bay View with its long lost market garden and sea captain ghost on the left; The Furlongs drive; Long Lane, which leads to the graveyard at St. Martin's Church; the entrance to Seasons, and finally Dylan's Walk ('Cliff Walk' as was) which leads to the Boathouse. It was designated a Kings Highway in the High Court in 2003 after a developer argued that soldiers marching from London to Pembroke would have crossed the Taf on ancient stepping stones just beyond the Ferry House; alas the sad saga of Ferry House's ruination continues. A short way down Dylan's Walk is a building with the 'No Turning Point Ahead' sign. This is another of Laugharne's lost pubs - the Traveller's Rest - which closed in the 1850s.

The start of Dylan's walk

The Traveller's Rest

Long Lanes is also the name of a rustic local band described memorably by Gareth Davies, the Tenby photographer and avid 'Dylan' fan (both Thomas and Bob) as, '... like three taf Estuary bullfrogs stompin' in the musical mud around Caitlin's flowery flowin' dress.' You can see the craggy-featured combo in action in this video for the song, 'What Do You Want?'



'What Do You Want?'


Long Lanes


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