New Three Mariners

The New Three Mariners is the oldest remaining pub in Laugharne and built on the site of the old Town Gate - the house opposite is Gate House. The landlord in 1835 was Joshua Davies, and the restaurant area was once his stables. Laugharne has known many writers, and Kingsley Amis was a regular during the period he wrote his Booker-winning satire on the Dylan Thomas Estate: 'The Old Devils.' Originally a two room bar, the pub was altered in the 2000s. The pub is a lively local which serves bar meals, pizzas, real ale and Welsh whisky. There is live music every other Saturday, a quiz every Sunday (it's a toughie!) and they have a bar billiards table. Dylan Thomas wrote about the Mariners in a letter to his girlfriend in 1934, and the quote is painted on a board outside.

The Bar

Dylan Thomas quote

Victoria St. c.1900 (courtesy Simon Ratty)

The Old Three Mariners

The New Three Mariners in 1955

Cerne Abbas Dylan

Martin Rowson caused some controversy in 2013 for painting a parody of the Cerne Abbas Giant on the smoking area wall during the Laugharne Weekend. This area, opposite the pub, has a sign saying 'Old Three Mariners'. However this is fanciful. This area was once a workshop, and the landlord in 1874, James Richards, was also the town's undertaker. Smoking - coughing - coffin? You can make up your own puns...

James Richards advert

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