Many chapels have become stores, halls or houses. The Wogan St. Tabernacle was replaced by a toilet block. It was built in 1833 by Calvinist Methodists led by Rees Havard on land previously used by tanners because of its proximity to the river. Ironically, unconventional Laugharne didn't take to Welsh non-conformism and by the 1950s Tabernacle had become the local school's over-spill classroom. Graham Thomas went there. His favourite subject was, 'Trying to get out of school.' The chapel was knocked down in the 60s but part of it remains thanks to enterprising landlord Tommy Watts who appropriated the pulpit from where strict sermons were preached and put it to good purpose. Next time you're in Browns Hotel, take a look at the bar...   (Use of the loo is 20p, by the way.)

Then - Wogan St and Tabernacle c.1910

Now - Wogan St today

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